Occupational Standards

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Occupational Standards define the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for effective workplace performance. They specify what a person should know and do in order to effectively carry out the functions of a particular job in the context of the work environment. Standards are the agreed minimum best practice in an Occupational Area and take into account all necessary statutory requirements.

Regional Occupational Standards (ROS) are National Occupational Standards that have been regionally approved by CARICOM

Occupational Standards are used to:

  • determine the criteria to award the Trinidad & Tobago National Vocational Qualification (TTNVQ) and the Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ)
  • prepare job descriptions and specifications
  • determine recruitment criteria
  • set in-house standards of performance and develop workplace procedures
  • form a benchmark for quality of performance
  • develop training programmes
  • assess the effectiveness of training programmes
  • identify skills gaps and training needs